For Komelon saws also the Japanese high carbon steel is used. Four distinct types of saws are developed for the different user purposes.

Folding Saw, Pruning Saw, Carpenter Saw and Pole Saw.

Pruning Saw

Pruning saws are the models which are handhold. Products have a firm grip made of an exterior rubber layer to avoid slipping of the saw.

Different models are featured in straight and curved blade. Blades have a holster for safety coverage.

Folding Saw

Same principle as the pruning saw. In this case the saw can be folded for easy carrying with you. Also a clip is mounted to the handhold for fixing the folded saw to one‘ belt.

Carpenter Saw

This saw is ideal for any master woodcrafter or homeowner. The pull saw style refers to the functionality of the saw, which is to cut on the pullback motion. The pull saw technique ensures the blade remains straight, eliminating the bending and binding of conventional push saws. The thin blade design produces less sawdust for a more precise cut with a fraction of the power needed for conventional saws. The flexibility of the blade also allows for easier access in otherwise hard to reach places.

Pole Saw

This model has different shapes and are meant to be mounted on and extendable pole. For the pole 2 variations are available. One up to 2,5 meter and the other up to 5 meter pole. The blades are exchangeable and mounted easily with two screws.

Saw features

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