Innovative Technology

Self-locking feature

Self-locking feature Automatically stops when the blade is pulled out,
and retracts when button is pushed.

Measuring tape with 3 to 1 High Speed Rewind

Our measuring tape that are commonly used
when measuring long distance has 3-times faster speed gear
which allows faster blade retraction and saves user’s time

Magnetic Hook

Magnetic Hook The world’s first exclusive manufacturer of the magnetic hook, Komelon
has developed the magnetic hook for users for their convenience when
measuring distance at any circumstances. Magnetic hook holds firmly
on most metal surfaces and stays fixed horizontally and vertically.
(USA Patent PAT.6678967 D486086)
※ Magnetic Force may slightly differ depending on the types of metal.

Zero Commencement of Magnetic hook -
should be accurate on both inside and outside (when the tape is pushed
and pulled). When pulling the magnetic hook, please deduct 1.6mm
from your measurement.

Dual Side Blade Printing

Printed scale on both side of tape allows more convenience
for users especially when measuring on the wall or the ceiling,
users can easily mark the scale or draw lines by using the back side of the tape.

Advanced Long Steel Tape Measures

Our long steel tape measures used at various sites have
nylon coating which extends the lifetime of the scale.
Also, embossing on the blade enhances durability and prevents glare.

-processes the rough side of the tape and prevents
corrosion and tearing. It reduces friction with the
case and allows the blade to rewind more smoothly. 
Rubber Bumper
-Shock-absorbing ABS case and rubber bumper
enhances durability. 
Nylon Coating
-Komelon’s new nylon coating and embossing
technology further enhance durability of the tape and
lifetime of the scale. 
Roller Guide
-Sturdy steel roller guide is installed to prevent
frictions when rewinding the tape.  

Advanced Fiberglass Measuring Tape

Komelon’s double coated fiberglass measuring tape coated
with transparent PVC which is 40 times more resistant than other

Tearing Test /
Komelon’s double coated fiberglass tape withstands 20,000 rubs.
Competitor’s A-class branded fiberglass tape starts to tear after 500
rubs. Our embossing technology enhances durability and reduces glare.
The colors on the front and back side of the tapes are different, which
allows users to easily check for the distortion of the tape when use.
Komelon’s fiberglass tape is flexible and water-washable, and is
convenient for use in contaminated area. Fiberglass tape measure is
resistant to corrosion and is an insulated product with no risk of electric

Accuracy on Komelon’s Measuring Tape

Komelon’s products are JIS1 Grade products
(condition: Accuracy at 20℃, 20N state)

Convex/Steel measuring tape
※Accuracy tolerance:±(0.2+0.1L)mm L=unit of measurement (m)
Grade(m) 1 2 3 5 8 10 JIS1(mm) ±0.3 ±0.4 ±0.5 ±0.7 ±1 ±1.2

Fiberglass tape
※ Accuracy tolerance:±(0.6+0.4L)mm L=unit of measurement (m)
Grade(m) 10 15 20 30 50 100 JIS1(mm) ±4.6 ±6.6 ±8.6 ±12.6 ±20.6 ±40.6